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  1. doclucas

    Improved and up to date codes for Days Gone 1.61 [CUSA09175]

    @TylerMods I have compsoed this up to date and improved version of mods for Days Gone CUSA09175 version 1.61 This code is taken from my PS Reaper shn file: + Inf life and 1 hit kill master code + inf life + 1 hit kill + improved inf stamina hack (does not screw up molotov crafting) + unlimited...
  2. doclucas

    NOP'ing an instruction

    That's a nice tutorial. Thank you! Would love to see a more advanced tutorial that shows how to use breakpoints and code caves for a game like god of war, to create Infinite life (for Krators, excluding enemies) and 1 hit kill, for example. :)
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