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  • April Cheat Wish List!
    Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night
    ShaqFu: The Legend Reborn Remastered
    Bloodstained: Curse Of The Moon
    Pool Nation (Infinite Money)
    Lego Ninjago
    Bud Spencer and Terrance Hill Slaps and Beans
    Castlevania Collection
    Castlevania SOTN/ROB
    Disney's Collection Aladdin and Lion King
    Flipping Death
    Updated month, maybe this can be an ongoing thread? My requests for help learning these games:

    Fighting games (credits, infinite HP, super?)
    Dragons Crown Pro 1.03 CUSA10454
    SNK Heroines Tag Team Frenzy 1.41 CUSA12571
    Street Fighter V Champion Edition 3.03 CUSA01222
    Streets of Rage 4 1.01 CUSA16221

    Racing Games (Money/credits, always 1st place?)
    Burnout Paradise Remastered 1.02 CUSA10866
    Driveclub 1.28 CUSA00093
    Grip 1.0 or 1.13 CUSA11004
    Inertial Drift 1.03 CUSA17431
    Project Cars 3 1.07 CUSA16105
    Ride 3 CUSA10100
    Ride 4 1.05 CUSA20488
    TT Isle of Man Ride on The Edge 2 1.01 CUSA17001
    Wipeout 1.07 CUSA05670
    Xenon Racer 1.06 CUSA13446

    Spaceship Shooters (infinite HP/shield, keep items?)
    Dariusburst CS 1.11 CUSA03378
    Raiden V 1.01 CUSA07673

    Story games (infinite HP, items, crafting?)
    Blazing Chrome 1.01 CUSA14656
    Dark Souls 3 GOTY 1.03 CUSA07439
    Death Stranding CUSA12605 or CUSA11260 (Update the current codes to v1.12)
    Dragon Quest XI S Definitive Edition CUSA19120
    Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise CUSA12781
    Lords of the Fallen Complete 1.03 CUSA00369
    Metal Wolf Chaos 1.03 CUSA15879
    Resident Evil 1 HD CUSA01067
    Slain Back For Hell CUSA06465
    Steel Rats CUSA12994
    Valfaris 1.01 CUSA17672
    YS VIII Lacrimosa of Dana 1.02 CUSA08565
    Zone of The Enders The 2nd Runner MARS 1.02 CUSA10576
    Greetings. I'm just going to put my wish list for game cheats below:
    Mafia: DE
    Mafia II: DE
    Castlevania Collection & Castlevania SOTN/ROB
    Disney's Collection Aladdin and Lion King
    Shaq Fu Remastered
    Lego Ninjago
    Pool Nation
    Hitman Go
    Slaps and Beans (Bud Spencer and Terrance Hill)
    Guns Gore and Cannoli 2
    Flipping Death
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